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  • July 29 - Mandatory Coaches Meeting at football field- 6PM
  • Aug 2nd - Equipment Day (All Levels)
  • Aug 3rd - Equipment rainiout day
  • Aug. 4th - Tackle First Practice
  • Aug. 11th - Flag First Practice
  • Oct 5th - Indy trip for Sunday teams. Colts vs Ravens

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Monte Kenney
Brimfield JFL Director

Email -
(309) 645-0856

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Welcome to Brimfield JFL
Brimfield JFL, A proud member of JFLOCI (JFL of Central Illinois)

Brimfield JFL provides a recreational, educational and competitive program for its participants by structuring players ages and weights to compensate for the variety of physical and mental maturity levels of players involved. Brimfield JFL is dedicated to young athletes who participate within our organization and to their safety and enjoyment. Now lets PLAY SOME FOOTBALL!!!!


Important Dates!!
Tackle season kicks off in....


July 29th – Coaches Meeting at football field 6pm
Aug. 2nd – Equipment Handout
Aug. 4th – First Tackle Practice 6pm – 7:30pm
            @ Brimfield HS football field
            Practice Mon – Thurs all of Aug.
Aug. 11th – First FLAG practice 6pm – 7pm
            @ Brimfield HS football field
            Practice Mon, Tues, Thurs all of Aug.
Aug. 18th – Tackle – First FULL PADS Practice
Aug. 28th – Validation/Weigh-in night
Aug. 30th – Pre-Season Games – Times and Location TBA

Aug 16th – JFL coaches clinic for Flag coaches and lifer tackle coaches.  Registration time –  8-9am  **  Class starts at 9am sharp!
Ends at noon. 

Aug. 17th – JFL coaches clinic for Tackle level 1, 2, & 3
Registration time – 7-8:15am ** Class starts at 8:15am sharp!
Lunch is provided and Class ends around 3:30pm.



Aug. 2nd with a Rain date of Aug. 3rd with same times posted.


Here are your times to be at the field for Equipment handout. DO NOT COME EARLY. It will mess up the schedule. If you have multiple children, you can do equipment at the same time for them. If you miss your scheduled time, come at 3pm on saturday and we will do all late comers until 4pm. Then we will close for the day.

We are short for some teams. So if you have a friend and they want to sign up, BRING THEM THIS SATURDAY and we will sign them up!!!

We need Squirts (8 Year olds) and JV ( 5th, 6th Graders) SO GET THE WORD OUT!!!

Senior Team
Varsity Team
JV Team
PeeWee Team
Squirt Team


Practice times

Tackle - Aug 4th 6PM at Brimfield HS Football Field


Flag - Aug 11th 6-7PM at Brimfield HS Football Field

Team Pictures

Brimfield JFL pictures of all the teams

Coming SOON!!

Maps to Game Sites

All game sites are mapped on the JFLOCI website. Just click on the area you need.

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