Equipment Turn in

ALL TEAMS WILL TURN IN EQUIPMENT ON OCT. 30th or 31st. Those are the two dates to get it turned in or you will have fee added to your registration next season.

Rained Out system

Brimfield JFL uses the RainedOut text system. Get breaking news & cancellation info on your cell phone direct from the people who make the decisions.

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Maps to Game sites

All game sites are mapped on the JFLOCI website. Just click on the area you are heading to for map details. Brimfield JFL, Brimfield JFL

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Brimfield JFL provides a recreational, educational and competitive program for its participants by structuring players
ages and weights to compensate for the variety of physical and mental maturity levels of players involved. Brimfield JFL is dedicated to young athletes who participate within our organization and to their safety and enjoyment. Now lets PLAY SOME FOOTBALL!!!!

2018 Sign up Weights and Limits
AGE AS OF AUG. 1st , 2018

Limits Chart