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Brimfield JFL, A proud member of JFLOCI (JFL of Central Illinois)

Brimfield JFL provides a recreational, educational and competitive program for its participants by structuring players ages and weights to compensate for the variety of physical and mental maturity levels of players involved. Brimfield JFL is dedicated to young athletes who participate within our organization and to their safety and enjoyment. Now lets PLAY SOME FOOTBALL!!!!


Not sure if everyone knows that the school board will be voting THIS Wed 11/19 on a new policy that will restrict all activities on school grounds after 6pm on Wednesday evenings. As everyone knows will create huge conflicts with a already tight gym availability. Several activities such as basketball practices, biddy ball, cheer, musicals, JFL, softball and baseball will be disrupted. The board feels this will help families as a "family night" but realistically it will increase Anyone with children in Brimfield School district or plays in sports that are involved at the BHS or BGS sports facilities, 6:00am and Saturday practices. Everyone I'm sure would agree 6am practices are hard on families and to have them increased is not family friendly. Wednesday night is also the only evening that non basketball organizations can always know there won't be an basketball game and can schedule practices for musicals, plays, concerts and cheer. JFL practices don't start till 5:30 to allow parents to transport their children after work. So JFL will have to move practice to Saturdays as well. SO how is this helping?? They are adding one day and taking away another that is already a family day. As far as I know there is NO other school in the area with the policy. It really seems the views of a few are out weighing the many.

I am hoping that anyone that feels the same as I do will come to the board meeting and ask that the board look at the big picture about how many students/families they are creating this policy for versus how many students/families will suffer due to this policy. The meeting is at the high school at 7pm on 11/19.



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